John Michael White

John after headlining at Bird’s in Tallahassee, FL

“Joe Fuentes is one of the few people that has motivated me to do better. He’s given advice to me, sure, but I got more out of watching him than any advice I was given. He didn’t care what topic he did, he didn’t care what he looked like during the joke, he was honest with himself. On top of his voice and style, he was one of the few comedians in a small amateur community to format his set. When I saw him, it caused me to question myself, my material, and my goals. To this day, he still does that, he’s gone through class after class, standing above his peers. His writing, wit and artistic vision has always been ahead of most of the people I see in town, out of town, and on the television. If you haven’t seen his act, you’re missing out on a voice no one else has.”

John Michael White, Comedian/Writer