Ad campaigns get more and more important for media, especially when it comes to video games. It takes a lot more to sell your product when the price of admission is generally $60 as opposed to $12 for something like a movie ticket.

I love this video it embodies what good work can be. It takes its subject matter seriously and in a very small amount of time tells a complete story. As a veteran, it gives me goosebumps to watch because of how perfectly the soundtrack and pacing of the editing plays off each other to sell the realism of this conflict.

Yes, this is a commercial, and not only that, it’s an ad for a video game. It can be argued in some circles that this would be considered the lowest of the low in terms of media. But whenever I watch it I see someone who didn’t believe the name recognition of the Halo franchise was enough, and didn’t care what they were supposed to be selling. They made something very human, and moving, and let the quality and passion of their work speak for itself.

I hope I can bring that type of attitude to every project I work on.


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